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Fertility Endometriosis Dialogues

Is a dedicated platform that connects the general public and health practitioners to specialists Reproductive Medicine specifically fertility and endometriosis. This is achieved through online consultations and webiners and face-to-face appointments.

1 in 6 couples experience subfertility.

176 million women globally have endometriosis.



We run a series of public lectures focused on seminal areas in fertility and endometriosis. Individuals requiring a medical consultation may book an online or face-to-face consultation for appropriate advice.

The team comprises of specialists in fertility, endometriosis with close collaboration with other related disciplines and support teams.

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It is important to establish the cause of sub-fertility as this determines appropriate and effective treatment.

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A detailed and personalized endometriosis care plan that focuses on evolving health and priority needs requires an attentive, compassionate and experienced specialist

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